About Us.

We're a diverse group of creative professionals who share a commitment to fostering an environment of creativity and acceptance. We think that the best ideas come from a mix of people with different life experiences, educational backgrounds, and cultural norms.

Our goal is to create a community that encourages diversity of opinion, encourages the development of new ideas, and promotes equal access to resources.

Our Story

The idea for Created in Color came from the need to change the way creative marketing is usually done. We saw how a more diverse pool of talent could open up a lot of creative and economic potential. We all shared a desire to advance diversity and acceptance, so we banded together to create a community where people from all walks of life could connect, exchange ideas, and make a difference in the field of marketing.

Our Values

  • Inclusivity: We create a safe and welcoming space for everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or socio-economic background. We celebrate our differences and embrace the unique perspectives they bring to the table.

  • Collaboration: We recognize the power of collective wisdom and encourage our members to share their ideas, knowledge, and resources. Together, we can create a more equitable and innovative marketing industry.

  • Empowerment: We strive to provide the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary for our members to unlock their full potential. Through mentorship, workshops, and networking events, we aim to equip our community with the skills and confidence they need to excel in their careers.

  • Advocacy: We actively champion diversity and representation in the creative marketing sector, engaging with industry leaders, influencers, and policymakers to drive meaningful change and break down barriers to entry.

  • Creativity: We celebrate the power of creativity and its ability to transform the way we perceive the world. We encourage our members to think outside the box, challenge norms, and create innovative solutions to today's marketing challenges.

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We Believe That Creativity Thrives When Different Perspectives, Backgrounds, And Experiences Come Together. As a dedicated platform for inclusive creativity, we are proud to connect businesses with exceptional creatives across the USA.


Created in Color is a vibrant hub that celebrates the richness of creative diversity. We are a global community of artists, thinkers, and innovators, each bringing a unique shade to our collective masterpiece.